One bottle, 3 ways to rosé hair

Thanks to one spray, a pink haired love affair has begun…

You’re blow-drying your hair ALL. WRONG.

Welcome to Layered’s Blow Dry Boot Camp… Atten-shun!

An honest opinion please – can a mere mortal rock Kristen Stewart’s buzz cut?

Just because K-Stew has, doesn’t mean everyone should grab the clippers…

Scalp peels have arrived – sounds strange, could be genius

Facial peels we totally get. But putting one on your scalp? Well, that’s a bit wrong…isn’t it?

Shut the front door. Jo Malone is launching a hair perfume

You’ll have to wait till May but it’s worth it. Promise!

Salon merchandise is getting serious (and stunning)

Now you can get so much more than just a new ‘do at the salon