Is this going to be the most Instagrammed style of 2017?

The Modern Shag Sam Burnett Hare and BoneThe modern shag began to make ripples in the hair world last year when Selena Gomez – you know, the girl with the most amount of Instagram followers in THE WORLD – opted for this ultra face flattering cut and styled it up with gorgeous, tumbling curls. So funnily enough experts have now predicted that her look is going to be making serious waves this year and will be the most searched for hair look on social media.

#modernshag is already going strong with over 2000 posts so we’ll keep our eyes peeled as it grows (we’re kinda hoping that all of Selena’s 107 million followers get one to see it seriously rack up some numbers). But why should you, along with the rest of the masses, go for this look?

Firstly, it’s a great length. Not too short that you can’t too anything with it and not so long that everything is a bit overwhelming.

It’s shaped with lots of layers that make the hair nip in at your chin and flick out at your shoulders. No, before you ask, it’s not a mullet.

But this clever cut makes it incredible versatile and low maintenance to style. “If you have a bit of wave and texture in your hair already, then the layers will automatically style your hair into this relaxed, cool look,” says Sam Burnett of Hare and Bone who has created his own #modernshag look – which is the pretty picture up the top – in his latest collection. Swoon.

Modern Shag


Modern Shag


Modern Shag

Which means all you have to do is wash your hair, apply a generous amount of an air drying styler (our fave is the Bumble and bumble Don’t blow it (H)air styler, £23) and leave the cut to do all the hard work. We’re sold.

We look forward to see you sporting your modern shag on Insta.