Greasy hair? Here’s how to deal with it

It’s not uncommon to suffer from greasy hair, but our top tips can help you to say goodbye to excess oil  forever.

Wonderful washing

1. You might need to try a few different washing options until you find the one that works for you. If washing your hair every day doesn’t seem to help, try shampooing twice each time for a deeper clean. Or, your scalp might be producing too much oil to compensate for being too clean – so try shampooing day about and using a dry shampoo to refresh your hair.

2. Use a good silicone free shampoo if possible, to really cleanse your hair. They can be pricey, so if you’re saving the pennies then make sure the shampoo you’re using is clear rather than opaque – they generally clean better.

3. Make sure the water you’re using to wash your hair isn’t too hot, as this can make your scalp product excess grease. Lukewarm is much better.

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Cool conditioning

1. Make sure you only use conditioner on the very ends of your hair, and keep it well away from the roots.

2. Try using a light conditioner that will keep your ends in good shape without overloading your hair with moisture – the last thing you need is a heavy mask.

3. If your hair is prone to tugs, then use a good brush for detangling, rather than relying on conditioner. The classic Tangle Teezer, £10.20 is always a good bet.

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Super styling

1. Exercise caution when picking styling products, because they can weigh hair down and make it look even lanker than before. Definitely avoid anything that promotes shine, as they often contain oils.

2. Wearing your hair curly (either naturally or created using heat) is better than wearing it straight, because curls lift the root and stop it sticking to your scalp.

3. Another good styling option is a backcombed updo, as these styles hold better with some grease and don’t allow the hair to separate into strands.

Killer cuts

1. Mid length styles work best for hair that’s prone to grease – anything too short can concentrate the oiliness, while the weight of long hair will just pull it down.

2. Try a centre parting to keep your hair as far away from your face as possible.

3. Avoid fringes as the hair sitting on your forehead will get greasy faster. If you don’t want to give up your bangs, give them a quick shampoo whenever they need freshening up, without washing the rest of your hair.

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Living large

1. Try and avoid fatty foods, as the oils they contain can contribute to greasy hair.

2. Get into a routine and make sure you wash your hairbrushes regularly using warm water and shampoo. Once a week is a good rule of thumb to keep them nice and clean.

3. Don’t touch it! Dirt and oil from your hands will only make your hair worse. If you can’t avoid playing with it, pile it into a high bun so it’s out of the way of temptation.

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Perfect products

1. Green People Clarifying Vitamin Shampoo is a deep cleanser containing aloe vera and avocado that will leave your hair squeaky clean.

2. Citrus Verbena Daily Use Conditioner from L’Occitane, containing purifying lemon oil, will keep your ends in tip top condition without weighing your hair down.

3. Dry shampoos are perfect for freshening up your hair between washes. Try Clearly Naked Dry Shampoo from Herbal Essences, £2.99 for a brilliant cheap  inexpensive fix, or Swell’s Ultimate Volume Dry Shampoo, £20 if you feel like splashing out.