How to do perfect bridesmaid hair in under 3 minutes

The Scrun chignonSo, you’re going to be a bridesmaid (or heck, you may even be the bride) and you either can’t get to a hair salon – maybe the venue is in the middle of nowhere – but obviously you want your hair to look gorgeous. Or you know you’re not going to have a lot of time to get ready so you need a style that’s done in a jiffy but looks the business. We have found the solution to all your hair woes.

Meet the Scrun, £9.50; the latest hair gizmo that is a combo of a scrunchie and a hair donut. It’s been created by sister hairdressing team, Abby and Karly Whittaker of Sarah Hodge Hairdressing who have salons in Devon and Somerset.

The idea behind the Scrun was to make something that would help women create updo’s quickly and easily. Now, we’re not going to lie. As soon as the Scrun landed in the Layered offices it was tested by a few members of the team and whilst we all liked it, we couldn’t do it on ourselves well enough. However, once we started to use it on each other, that’s when the magic happened.

So that’s when we all decided that the Scrun makes the most ideal option if you’re at a wedding and have friends around you to do your hair. Then we thought, ‘well we better show everyone how’. So this is how. And we promise you don’t have to be good at doing hair to make it look good. The Scrun does all the hard work for you.

It took us two minutes to do, four hair grips, one Scrun and zero styling products. Genius!

Pair it with sparkling hair accessories or a stunning veil and you’re done

The Scrun chignon Start with your hair dry, down and your Scrun to hand. Here’s what it looks like.
The Scrun chignon Sweep your hair into a low pony and put the Scrun on. You don’t need to loop it round your pony because…
The Scrun chignon You then need to slide the Scrun down towards the bottom of your pony. Don’t take it too far as you may find too much of your hair comes out (which is what happened to us the first time).
The Scrun chignon Start rolling the Scrun up towards the nape of your neck, you might need to catch longer strands and wrap them in as you go.
The Scrun chignon Once you reach the nape of the neck twist the Scrun 180° and be prepared to be amazed.
The Scrun chignon See! Told you so! You’ll need to quickly rearrange your hands and make sure the hair feels secure.
The Scrun chignonThen start gripping everything into place. Aim the grips into the Scrun and you may need to grip any stray hairs that have fallen out into shape too.
The Scrun chignonYou will also need to double-check that the Scrun is totally covered by the hair. So move it round a bit to cover up any bits that are on show.
The Scrun chignonEt voila! The finished look. So simple, so quick and so gorgeous.